Do you like the sound of vuvuzela?

Just go berry picking to the forests of Lapland. It’s utterly nice, it’s utterly cool and the berries are really good and healthy. Just the forest is not as peaceful as one wishes. For each blueberry that you pick, you seem to have to fight about 20 mosquitoes. It’s not annoying, it’s not a pain, no it’s just shit! I thought, when being around midsummer in the Turku archipelago would have been a lot of biting little mofo’s around. That was just a children’s game.

Here in Tervola in the forests you have exactly the same sound that you had in tv when the games were on. And nothing helps. We showered ourselves with lemon juice – hey say that mosquitoes don’t like lemon. Well, in my opinion it just made us more attractive. Then we bought some of the „nice stuff“ which you cannot spread to your clothes because they would dissolve. But on your skin it’s fine and keeps the nasty little things away – for about a minute.

As we are in the middle of nowhere, there is no good connection to the internet and I will upload some photos later. They will come…