A New Toy

Footbridge near the habour in Turku
This footbridge in the morning mist looked good already in normal light

I bought an infrared filter at the photokina and am heavily testing it. So, I found a good way to use my old D100. As I never wrote anything again, here a small update. During porijazz, my camera got wet and I couldn’t take pictures of the first day. Luckily that happened shortly before my birthday and my parents could give me some money to buy a D200, which is anyway far better than the old one and a necessary tool to work (faster, bigger, better, bla bla bla). A New Toy weiterlesen

Do you like the sound of vuvuzela?

Just go berry picking to the forests of Lapland. It’s utterly nice, it’s utterly cool and the berries are really good and healthy. Just the forest is not as peaceful as one wishes. For each blueberry that you pick, you seem to have to fight about 20 mosquitoes. It’s not annoying, it’s not a pain, no it’s just shit! I thought, when being around midsummer in the Turku archipelago would have been a lot of biting little mofo’s around. That was just a children’s game. Do you like the sound of vuvuzela? weiterlesen

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